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  • Graffiti Is Everyone’s Problem?

    If that’s true then why is it that some “graffiti artists” have achieved fame and prominence? If Leonardo da Vinci were to paint a Mona Lisa on the side of your building in the 1500’s, you’d probably feel somewhat honored. Today when Banksy paints on someones building, it is treated as a valuable treasure and sold to the highest bidder. Other big names in the graffiti world such as Shepard Fairey, Ron English, JR and BUA to name a few, are very well paid to paint on buildings around the world.

    Therein lies the point of differentiation, “Permission”. Thus, not all graffiti is the same, and while we applaud those great artist mentioned above, most graffiti is considered a nuisance.

    It is estimated that graffiti costs American communities more than $8 billion per year. It hurts property values, drives away business, and sends the message that nobody cares about the community or that it is an unsafe neighborhood. Even if you’re not directly affected by graffiti, in the long run you are! Even if your personal property is not vandalized, the maintenance costs to remove graffiti in your community comes from your tax dollars. Thus, graffiti is everyone’s problem!

    Is there a solution?

    Is being optimistic that the growing global trend of vandalism will play itself out and come to an end, realistic? Reality is on the side of pessimism unfortunately. While efforts are being made in reporting, policing, imposing strict penalties and legal action are increasing, the problem persists and continues to plague our communities.

    Rather than quelling the disruptive behavior, it seems to be gaining momentum all the more. Leaving us the task of scrubbing off these taggings, or having to paint over the offensive scrawlings. The time and money it requires is not only a burden, but leaves us feeling violated. We question the mentality of these graffiti vandals. So what is the best solution?

    It’s not painting over, it’s not hoping it away, it’s simply applying protective coatings! Rainguard® is the nations leader in manufacturing protective coatings and graffiti removal solutions. VandlGuard™ is the solution!

    How does Vandlguard protect against graffiti?

    It’s Quick, Reliable and Guaranteed to coat most any surface, keeping the graffiti tagging, paint, markers etc, from adhering to your property’s surface. Since the graffiti can’t enter the pores it cannot stick, and is easily removed with VandlClean Super™ graffiti cleaner spray. It’s that easy! Rainguard’s VandlGuard system saves you time, saves you money, and discourages repeat vandalism based on proven studies. Below is a simple guide to help you on your way to a graffiti free life. Enjoy!

    Painted surfaces | Metal | Sealed surfaces | Dense non-porous surfaces

    1. Clean surface
    2. Spray heavy flood coat of VandlGuard™ onto surface
    3. Warranty: 1 coat = 1 year, 2 coats = 5 years, 3 coats = 10 years
    4. Drys to the touch in 45 mins to 1 hour
    5. Re-coat when dry to touch
    6. Chemical cure time approximately 4 days

    For bare, raw, un-sealed, un-painted porous surfaces

    1. Spray 1 heavy flood coat of Micro-Seal™ deep penetrating waterproof coating first
    2. Allow to dry to touch, approximately 45 mins to 1 hour
    3. Now follow steps 2 through 6 above steps

    If your VandlGuard™ protected surface is tagged

    1. Within 48 hours, spray mist the affected area with VandlClean Super™ graffiti cleaner spray.
    2. Wait a few minutes, wipe off tagging with a cloth. A scrub brush may be needed in some cases.
    3. Rinse the area with water when finished.

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