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  • Graffiti issues span the globe as we all know. Here is what one local Anti-graffiti group is doing to fend off vandalism in their community.

    Here is an excerpt from the Channel 10 News we want to share with you:

    “The group also consists of a network of about 500 volunteers. They paint over graffiti, help compile a database of tags for police and continue to report taggers in the act.The efforts are spelling results, leading to more than 10 arrests. Lombardo said reports of graffiti have dropped from a few every day to a few every two weeks. The women say they want to send taggers a message. “They’re absolutely not welcome here,” said Lombardo. “Don’t come to Ocean Beach. You’re wasting your paint,” Carrino added. The group has plans to become a nonprofit and partner up with more paint companies to cover any future tagging. They’ve started a GoFundMe campaign to help with their efforts.” Read full article here

    We applaud the community efforts of these anti-graffiti groups across the country. Well done folks! However, from our point of view at RainguardPro, painting over graffiti as a way to eliminate the problem may not the best or most economical way to solve the problem. In fact it has been proven to be more costly than using a graffiti protection coating which can be easily cleaned off when tagged on. Also, painting over graffiti usually looks like a patchwork since the paint usually does not match the original. Even if it is the original paint, it still does not match due to fading and weather. We understand many anti-graffiti groups are funded by donations from their communities, and we welcome inquiries from these type of groups as to how we may be able to offer assistance. Feel free to peruse our Anti-Graffiti products here.