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  • What is the difference between all of our products? It may seem confusing when you browse our wide selection of water repellent products available on Read on to find out how to select the best RainguardPro water repellent for your project.

    In this post we will focus on our professional line of clear water sealers. If you are looking to make your surface colorful check out our exterior stains.

    Questions to Ask:

    What finish do you want?

    Our products come in a variety of clear and tinted finishes so deciding what you want the end product to look like it a great way to narrow things down. For example If you’d like a natural finish you could opt for any of our silane/siloxane that penetrate deep into the surface. If you are looking for a glossy finish try out our acrylic and urethane sealers, which leave a thin film over the surface for a polished look.

    How much wear will the surface need to withstand?

    Generally, horizontal surfaces require a stronger resistance to wear than vertical surface because of foot / vehicle traffic. Are you protecting a roadway with heavy vehicle traffic? Choose Clear-Seal 100% Urethane. Are you sealing a sidewalk with heavy foot traffic? Opt for our high-solids Silane/Siloxane repellent Micro-Seal®. For surfaces with low foot traffic use Floor-Lok™ Silane Siloxane Sealer or our Acrylic Sealers (Clear-Seal™, Satin-Lok™, and Plugger™. For Vertical surfaces, which do not have foot or vehicle traffic, save money with Blok-Lok™ or Super Stucco (low-solid silane siloxane water repellents).

    What type of warranty do you need?

    If your project requires a specific warranty period make sure to check out the type and length of the warranties required for your project. We offer Material only and Material + Labor Warranties from 1 to 20 years in length. For more information about warranties check the product page on our site or look through our product catalog.

    After you answer these three questions above, you should have a better idea of what water repellent is best for your project. If you are looking for something other than a clear water-repellent browse our full line of products on

    Take a look at the chart below for a summary of the information covered in this post.

    Clear Water Repellents Overview

    Product Type Finish Uses Warranty
    Micro-Seal® Silane / Siloxane Natural Heavy Foot Traffic Up to 20 Yrs Material & Labor
    Blok-Lok™ Siloxane Natural Vertical Surfaces 10 Yrs Material
    Floor-Lok™ Silane / Siloxane Natural Light Foot Traffic 1 Yr Material
    Super Stucco Silane / Siloxane Natural Vertical Surfaces 5 Yrs Material
    Clear-Seal™ Acrylic Low & High Gloss Light Foot Traffic 5 Yrs Material
    Satin-Lok™ Silicone Acrylic High Gloss Light Foot Traffic 3 Yrs Material
    Plugger™10 Acrylic Matte Light Foot Traffic 3 Yrs Material
    Plugger™25 Acrylic Matte Light Foot Traffic 5 Yrs Material
    Clear Seal 100% Urethane Low & High Gloss Heavy Vehicle Traffic Up to 10 Yrs Material