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  • “Welcome Home” Mural at Baker Block Apartments

    When creating a mural, many artists turn to bright, vibrant colors to make a bold statement. Unfortunately such bright colors often tend to fade quickly over time, especially highly pigmented colors such as reds. That is why it is important to protect large murals with not only a graffiti protectant but also a UV protectant.

    Shepard Fairey’s “Welcome Home” mural consists mostly of reds and yellows, which worried the owner of Baker Block Apartments that the mural would fade quickly. They wanted a product that was durable, long lasting, and had a UV protectant to keep the reds and yellows from fading. However, they also need a product that was safe to use around pets due to their animal friendly community.

    VandlGuard® Single-Part Urethane is a low VOC (<50g/L) non-sacrificial barrier that protects the mural from graffiti damage. Available in a High Gloss or Matte Finish, it is also formulated with a UV prohibitor to keep vibrant colors brighter for longer.  Used in conjunction with RainguardPro® Quick Cure allows for faster drying time and stronger adhesion.

    See application video here.

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