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  • LAFC Stadium Water Repellent & Graffiti Protection

    Finding effective graffiti protection for multiple types of surfaces isn’t easy. Different materials have different porosity and finding graffiti protection that will be effective for years to come can be daunting. LAFC Stadium had many surfaces made of varying materials that needed a water repellent and graffiti coating that would last for at least 10 years. They turned to RainguardPro’s VandlSystem™ 10 Year to provide the protection they needed.

    LAFC Stadium had unpainted smooth block, concrete, and metal surfaces that needed protection from water damage and graffiti. A portion of the burnished CMU was interior and needed a water repellent that was safe to use indoors. They turned to Micro-Seal®, an eco-friendly and low VOC water repellent to protect the burnished CMU without changing the surface texture. Using VandlSystem™ 10 year they were able to achieve water repellent and graffiti protection for exterior burnished CMU and concrete surfaces as well as graffiti protection for vertical metal surfaces.

    VandlSystem™ 10 Year:

    Micro-Seal® – 1 Coat

    VandlGuard®Ten – 2 Coats

    VandlGuard® Finish Coat – 1 Coat

    Read more about the LAFC Stadium here.

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