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  • Extreme air temperatures have been a cause of concern around the globe causing a rise in energy and water use, sunstroke, and in some cases death.

    To combat these dangerous rising temperatures, a new study by Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has shown that if every building in California used cool roofs by 2050, they would help contribute to keeping people safe from the repercussions of these heatwaves. Using reflective roofs as well as reflective walls and walkways could help reduce energy usage by helping to cut down on the need for air conditioning and save water. The reflective surfaces would reduce the absorption of heat from the sun during the day, therefore, reducing the amount of heat released at night that usually causes highly populated areas to stay hot at night. The researchers at Berkeley Lab predict that if cool roofs were adopted throughout California’s most populous areas – the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Sacramento – by 2050 these reflective roofs could bring down heatwave exposures (defined as each time a person experiences a heatwave) by 35 million each year. This is compared to an estimated 80 million heatwave cases in 2050 with no increase in cool roof adoption.

    Two possible solutions mentioned in the study are coating roofs white or installing sunlight-reflecting tiles in urban clusters. RainguardPro Cool Coat has long been trusted as an effective coating against sunlight absorption. Cool Coat’s low odor and low VOC formula uses ceramic spheres to reflect the heat and applies similarly to paint, reducing surface temperatures up to 30%. Cool Coat has 500% elongation, preventing cracking and ruptures when temperature changes cause flexing and expanding of the surface. Available in clear and white for vertical and horizontal surfaces, Cool Coat adheres to block, brick, stucco, concrete, wood, metal, and EFIS. Learn more about Cool Coat here.

    Read the full article about the cool roof study here.

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