Plugger 10 (1 Gal)

Plugger™ 10

is an acrylic based semi-satin sealer with a clear finish. Plugger™ 10 acrylic sealer protects porous and painted wood and masonry surfaces from moisture damage and can be used as a primer to bind chalky surfaces. Plugger™ 10 is eligible for a material warranty of up to 3 years.

Superior Hybrid Acrylic Formula

High performance modified silicone acrylic water repellent can be applied to concrete or stucco as a curing agent.

Primer and Water Repellent in One

Can be used as a primer to bind chalky surfaces. Protects wood and masonry surfaces from moisture damage.

Safe to Use

Contains less than 15 g/L V.O.C.’s, no carcinogens, very low odor and can be applied on interior and exterior surfaces.

Easy to Apply

Spray on easily in a flood coat using an airless sprayer and .

What is Micro-Lok™?

Plugger™ 10 is formulated with a proprietary ingredient called Micro-Lok™. It creates a micro-molecular chemical and mechanical bond between the water repellent chemicals and the substrate.

Why choose a concentrate?

The Benefits of Specifying Concentrates:
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Reduces job site and landfill waste
  • Reduces worker and supply chain fatigue

What Else You Need to Know

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