• VandlTop Sacrificial (5 Gal)

VandlTop Sacrificial (5 Gal)


is a sacrificial graffiti coating works by “sacrificing” itself to ensure complete removal of any tagging. VandlTop® allows for the removal of graffiti without the use of chemicals and will not yellow over time. VandlTop® sacrificial graffiti coating protects the environment and sensitive building surfaces which could be damaged with traditional graffiti removal products. Removing graffiti from a surface also removes Vandltop®, so you will need to reapply for further graffiti protection.

Sacrificial Anti-Graffiti Coating

Allows for the removal of graffiti without the use of chemicals. Protects sensitive building surfaces.

Natural Finish

Clear, matte, and non-yellowing formula with minimal change in the look of a building.

Safe to Use

Contains less than 20 g/L V.O.C.’s, no carcinogens, very low odor and can be applied on interior and exterior surfaces.

Easy to Apply

Spray on easily in a flood coat using an airless sprayer and .

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