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    How A Cool Roof Can Protect Against Heatwaves

    Extreme air temperatures have been a cause of concern around the globe causing a rise in energy and water use, sunstroke, and in some cases death. To combat these dangerous rising temperatures, a new study by Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National...

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    Types of Anti-Graffiti Coatings and Choosing the Right One

    Graffiti is one of the most common and visible forms of vandalism. It can occur at any time, on public or private property. If a surface is left exposed with no protective coating, graffiti removal can be complicated and expensive. Anti-graffiti coatings are applied...

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    Graffiti Removal: Challenge Accepted

    Tagging on a building or mural tends to show up when you least expect it, and has a negative impact on property value not only for itself but also for the community. What do you do when the surface that has been tagged hasn't been treated with an anti-graffiti...

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    Understanding Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?

    Graffiti has been around since ancient times, although modern graffiti is thought to have begun in the 1970's and 1980's.  Some consider it a form of artistic expression and some consider it vandalism, but graffiti is typically defined as unauthorized writing or...

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    LAFC Stadium | VandlSystem™ 10 Year

    LAFC Stadium Water Repellent & Graffiti Protection Finding effective graffiti protection for multiple types of surfaces isn't easy. Different materials have different porosity and finding graffiti protection that will be effective for years to come can be...

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    Baker Block Apartments | VandlGuard® Single-Part Urethane

    "Welcome Home" Mural at Baker Block Apartments When creating a mural, many artists turn to bright, vibrant colors to make a bold statement. Unfortunately such bright colors often tend to fade quickly over time, especially highly pigmented colors such as reds. That is...

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    St. Catherine School “Heaven on Earth” Mural

    "Heaven on Earth" Mural At St. Catherine School Protecting an investment on a mural shouldn't be taken lightly. Hours spent by an artist on a mural can be ruined in moments by graffiti, meaning more money spent for the artist to come back and repaint the mural. Even...

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    Summer Heat Protection

    Have you ever experienced your home feeling warmer inside than the actual temperature outside? Then you might benefit from a cool coat. RainguardPro's thermal heat protection paint will help you fight against the sweltering summer heat. Like a liquid pane of thermal...

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    Choosing the Right RainguardPro Water Repellent

    What is the difference between all of our products? It may seem confusing when you browse our wide selection of water repellent products available on Read on to find out how to select the best RainguardPro water repellent for your project. In this...

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    The Difference Between Efflorescence and Calcium Deposits

    Defining Efflorescence and Calcium Deposits First let’s define efflorescence and calcium deposits. Efflorescence is a deposit of a salt that collects on the outside of a material’s surface. Calcium deposits, also referred to as lime buildup, accumulates right below a...

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    Graffiti is Everyone’s Problem!

    Graffiti Is Everyone's Problem? If that's true then why is it that some "graffiti artists" have achieved fame and prominence? If Leonardo da Vinci were to paint a Mona Lisa on the side of your building in the 1500's, you'd probably feel somewhat honored. Today when...

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    Vista Paint Day at the Races 2016 | Grand Prize

    Vista Paint Day At The Races 2016 Prizes handed out left and right at the Santa Anita Race tracks for Vista Paint Day at the Races 2016. There is still one more Grand Prize to be given out by Rainguard Pro. The Day at the Races was no ordinary trade show, at least not...

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