Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Below is a collection of everyday questions we receive from our customers to help you. If you have a question not addressed below you can call us at (949) 515-8800 or email us at

What kind of preparation do I need before applying Rainguard water repellent products on concrete or other masonry surfaces?

Our penetrating repellents are that – penetrating. Make sure you remove all grease, dirt, form release agents and anything that prevents the Rainguard products from being absorbed. For larger projects you can use a power washer, for smaller projects use a garden hose. Wait 24 hours after using any water during cleanup to allow for a completely dry surface.

What kind of preparation do I need before applying Rainguard water repellent products on wood surfaces?

Our penetrating repellents are that – penetrating. Make sure you remove all grease, dirt and anything that prevents Rainguard products from being absorbed. For larger projects you can use a power washer, for smaller projects use a garden hose. We noticed a lot of people use a deck wash. In our opinion this is not necessary unless you have mold and mildew. In those cases diluted bleach is better and more economical. Wait 24 hours after using any water during cleanup to allow for a completely dry surface.

What should I use to seal my concrete driveway that gives it a glossy look?

Anytime you add a film there will be an increase in the slipperiness of the surface. When these surfaces get wet people might get injured. The best thing to do is apply a penetrating product that will not make it more slippery.

I want to seal the sand joints between my pavers so the sand doesn’t blow away, what Rainguard product should I use?

Rainguard does not have any products that offer glue like attributes. You are looking for what is commonly called polymeric or joint stabilizing sand. It has a material in it that binds the sand together and comes in various colors. After using this joint binding product you can apply Rainguard. Call our technical support at 800-272-4647 if you would like us to recommend a joint bonder.

Will using Rainguard water repellents make my driveway or walkway more slippery?

All Rainguard water repellents are non-film forming and completely penetrate below the surface. They will not make the surface more slippery. Avoid using any product that adds film to the surface. These products will make your surface slippery.

What does Rainguard recommend for sealing a concrete pool deck?

For large commercial projects use Micro-Seal, whereas for home projects the Advanced Waterproofer will be sufficient. What ever you end up using customers tell us they want a product that doesn’t change the look of the surface, doesn’t leave a surface film that can yellow, won’t make the concrete slippery when wet, doesn’t chip, crack or peel.

Why does Rainguard recommend the use of Micro-Seal as a sealer first on bare masonry surfaces before applying any VandlGuard product?

The graffiti product adds a non-gloss film and in order to achieve this, a barrier needs to prevent the graffiti coating from being absorbed into the surface. Using Micro-Seal is not necessary if the surface was previously sealed, is painted or is sealed wood. We do manufacture Blok-Lok with Graffiti Control that seals and adds graffiti protection – eliminating the need for using two different products.

What do we do if VandlGuard gets tagged before it is fully cured?

The VandlGuard will start to provide protection as soon as it dries. It takes about 6 days for the film to harden, but if it gets tagged in the meantime graffiti may be harder to remove. Removing graffiti within 2 days of getting tagged is very important for easy removal, plus it is always recommended you use our VandlClean Super graffiti remover.

What is the proper spraying equipment/nozzle size to use while applying Rainguard products?

Most Rainguard products can be applied using a small hand pump sprayer, or for larger applications, an airless spray machine. It is recommended you use a spray tip size of .035 to .051 of an inch.

During application is it better to start from the top and work down or start from the bottom and work your way back up?

We recommend during application that you start from the top and work your way down over the project to ensure a complete and even coverage.

If I seal a surface with Micro-Seal or Blok-Lok are you able to paint over it at a later date or must it be removed first?

Our penetrating waterproofers/repellents are an excellent primer, sealing the surface prior to the application of paint. It is not necessary to remove either product if you intend to paint the surface at a later time.

If I apply VandlGuard and later want to change the color of my building what do I need to do?

Nothing, just paint right over. Most graffiti coatings in the market are known as “non-stick” products – graffiti can’t stick and will peel off. With VandlGuard this is a barrier that does not allow the tagging paints from “bleeding” through to the surface.

Can I use Rainguard on glass?

No, Rainguard products are not formulated for use on glass. Actually the product was formulated to make sure it does not damage glass – allowing the use of the product without expensive and time consuming masking. If you get some overspray remove it with a household glass cleaner.

How do I clean up after applying your products?

Simply use soap and water.

Can I use any household cleaner to remove graffiti on walls I’ve applied Vandlguard to?

We recommend using VandlClean Super for best results and also so that you don’t damage the VandlGuard coating.

Do I have to use Micro-Seal to seal my bare surface before applying VandlGuard or can I use a competitor’s product?

Absolutely. It is best to call technical services at 800-272-4647 so we can determine the nature of the existing sealer before you apply VandlGuard.

If I use VandlGuard on my surface and it gets tagged, do I have to use VandlClean? Will using a competitor’s product affect the warranty?

Please stay with VandlClean Super to make sure the film is not damaged. If another cleaner is used it will void our warranty.

What is the shelf life of your product? How long can I store Rainguard products?

Always store in a climate controlled area. Can last up to 2 years. Mixing is not required, however before using shaking is a good idea.

Can I use a roller or paint brush to apply waterproofer?

Yes – but we only recommend a low-pressure sprayer because it is most efficient.

What spray tip size should be used for applying VandlGuard products?

VandlGuard applies like paint, so if using an airless sprayer use a spray tip size between .035mm to .051mm.

Would VandlClean work on bare/unsealed surface?

Yes it does a great job. However the tagging material will absorb into the surface and can create a ghosting effect. That is why graffiti coatings are used. For a bare unsealed surface we recommend that you first apply one coat of Micro-Seal deep penetrating waterproofer. 

Is VandlGuard a waterproofer?

VandlGuard is not a waterproofer. It is designed as a breathable coating to ensure the film does not turn yellow. Please look at our penetrating products for waterproofing alternatives. Micro-Seal is our top of the line deep penetrating waterproofer. Here are the links to help you further. 

1. Micro-Seal

What is the dry time and when can I start walking on my deck after I apply the waterproofer?

Depending on humidity dry time is between 45 minutes and one hour. Once dry you may walk on the surface.

If the over spray gets on the windows how long do I have to clean it up?

Clean up any overspray on glass areas before it dries using soap and water or any household glass cleaner.

Can I stain over the waterproofer?


Is Advanced Waterproofer safe for garden beds, bird baths, or herb pots?

Yes – this is a 100% eco-friendly product and is safe for people, pets and plants alike.

Can VandlGuard be applied on metal?

Yes. Before your first coat spray a light “fog/mist coat” to create a profile for the following coatings to adhere to. Allow fog coat to dry to the touch before applying next coatings. 

How do I apply Rainguard products?

Brush, Roller, Garden Sprayer, Commercial Sprayers. We have found the best results using a spray on application method. 

How long can I store Rainguard products?

Always store in a climate controlled area. Can last up to two years.

Are Rainguard products Eco-Friendly?

Absolutely. Please refer to our “About Us” tab on our web site to read about our “Green Policy” here:

What surfaces can I apply VandlGuard to?

VandlGuard can be applied to every surface imaginable with the exception of glass and street signs. Glass because there are better alternatives. Call our technical services at 800-272-4647 if would like recommendations. Street signs because while VandlGuard is a clear film, we do not want to impact the reflective nature of street signs and create a hazard.

What’s the difference between a topical sealer and a penetrating sealer?

Topical sealers add a film and wear down quickly. Penetrating sealers absorb into the surface and seal the capillaries beneath the surface. Because this material is not exposed to weathering and traffic it lasts much longer.

How long before I’m able to remove a tag after applying VandlGuard?

It takes 6 days for the film to fully harden. If tagging occurs before then, it can be removed; although it may be harder to remove.

Why should I buy concentrates?

More convenient, exact pour eliminates waste and costs, better price, takes up less space to store, reduces landfill waste and in some cases eliminates landfill waste. Virtually eliminates carbon footprint moving product from one point to another…….

How do I get my warranty after applying Rainguard products?

Please refer to the technical data sheet for the product you intend to use or did use. Detailed instructions can best be found there.

How long should I wait in between Rainguard product coats?

You can apply multiple coats before or after the first coat has dried.

Can I use VandlGuard on plastic? Canvas?


Do I need to mix the Rainguard products?

Mixing is not required, but shaking is a good idea with any coating.

I noticed the VandlGuard is approved by the Department of Building and Safety for the City of Los Angeles. What is this about and why is it important?

The City of Los Angeles has the most aggressive anti-graffiti program in the country. For years the City has tested and approved manufacturers for the use of their graffiti coatings within the city limits. However, their approvals go beyond the performance of the coating but other factors such as the environmental impact (VOC levels), etc. Today there are many architects across the country that require manufacturers supply a certificate of approval from the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety. As a side note, Rainguard has been approved since 1989 (LADBS 25066).

Does Rainguard provide specification samples to architects?

Yes, you may download them directly from the “Architect” tab on our web site. In addition, feel free to call 800-272-4647 for assistance.

Does Rainguard provide samples?

We do provide samples of all our products to architects and contractors.