A 17 year old, half mile long mural in Grand Prairie, Texas gets a face lift from mural restoration expert Scott M. Haskins and Fine Art Conservation Laboratories. Looking to reverse the signs of aging caused by car exhaust, graffiti, and the weather, Scott and his team looked to RainguardPro for a solution. The mural, painted on concrete with sign paint was cleaned and restored before being coated with RainguardPro VandlGuard IsoFree® Anti-Graffiti Coating.

Tommy Weddle, Mural Artist of the Grand Prairie Mural is now since passed away, making the restoration and protection of his artwork even more imperative for the community.

Why did Scott and his team choose RainguardPro VandlGuard IsoFree®? To protect the mural from fading, Scott needed a coating that was UV resistant. He also wanted to make sure the mural was protected from graffiti damage for at least 10 years and was safe to use in a public environment. VandlGuard IsoFree is not only UV stable (meaning it will not yellow over time) but is also a UV protectant, keeping the surface underneath from fading and other damage caused by direct sunlight. Cleaning graffiti from a surface protected with VandlGuard IsoFree is fast and easy. Graffiti can be cleaned using acetone or RainguardPro VandlClean Super (for an eco-friendly option) without losing any of its protective properties. Finally, since the mural is in a public space, the coating needed to be safe not only for Scott and his team during application but also for the public once the restoration was complete. With VandlGuard IsoFree’s odorless and isocyanate-free formula, this coating was the best solution for the project.

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