Where Innovation Meets Sustainability


Our Pledge:

  1. To keep the selection of the right product easy and convenient 100% of the time.
  2. To make products that will not harm people, pets or plants.
  3. To produce products that will last and perform for years to come.
  4. To be available for the user to ensure a complete and successful application.
  5. Bring to market only the best tested products that meet and exceed customer expectations.


We are obsessed with making products that improve the lives of people.

We were the first in the industry to bring a full line of commercial grade products to the consumer marketplace.

We were the first in the country with a full line of specialized products that take the guessing out which product to use for your project. Just like you would never wear a “one size fits all shoe”, you can now find the right product for your project.

Also, We are the first in the industry to reformulate our products with the goal of achieving better performance at a significantly lower cost to you. Here’s how:

  1. Invest in material technology to improve its performance and reduce costs.
  2. Reduce packaging costs to a fraction of traditional older style containers.
  3. Reduce logistical costs of moving product from the factory to the project.


We are obsess over producing products that will never harm people, pets and plants. But, that is where it starts for us.

While most of our product emit zero air borne emissions, that is not enough. Our products do not contain carcinogens, hazardous by-products nor are they flammable.

Producing products that dramatically reduce the logistical costs for the entire supply chain is good for us all. Less trucks, less carbon emissions. less grid lock. That’s what we do.

For more information about our innovation and sustainability policy, please contact us.