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  • Cool Coat™ Acrylic Thermal Defense Sealer

    Reflects Heat from Surfaces
    Reduces Surface Temperature up to 30%. >High UV resistance.

    Protects Horizontal & Vertical Surfaces
    Great for high mold & mildew environments. Full range of colors.

    Safe to use
    Can be applied anywhere in North America because it contains Low VOC, no carcinogens, low odor and can be applied on exterior surfaces and interior environments.

    Easy to apply
    May be applied at 35 degrees and up. Material Warranty up to 5 years Thermal Barrier and 10 years Water Repellent.

    Cool Coat™ Acrylic Thermal Defense Sealer

    Cool Coat ™ is a tint-able acrylic elastomeric coating that insulates horizontal and vertical surfaces from moisture and reduces surface heat. Cool Coat ™ flexes when surfaces expand and contract, preventing prevents ruptures and cracks that result from temperature changes. Cool Coat™ works on block, brick, stucco, concrete, wood, metal, and EIFS surfaces.

    Note to Specifier – CSI Reference Codes

    Best Tools for Application

    Small Surfaces
    A foam brush is recommended to soak in and saturate your substrate.

    Medium Surfaces
    Use a small hand pump sprayer.

    Large Surfaces
    Use an airless sprayer with a spray tip size between .035mm to .051mm.

    Application Best Practices

    1) Step One: Prepare the surface and confirm surface moisture is less than 25%. Remove dirt, grime, efflorescence, lime run, construction debris, form oils and release agents, chalked materials, loose and peeling paint, mold, mildew, etc. All cracks should be pointed or caulked.
    2) Step Two: Perform a test application to confirm fit and finish.
    3) Step Three: Apply the product according to It’s TDS.
    4) Step Four: Let cure.
    5) Step Five: Perform post application test to assure results are achieved.

    Benefits of Concentrates and How to Mix

    The benefits of specifying Concentrates:

    • Reduces carbon footprint
    • Reduces job site and landfill waste
    • Reduces worker and supply chain fatigue
    1. Refer to the description on the packaging for dilution ratios.
    2. Pour contents of concentrate into an empty container. The container size should be the size of the finished amount of product.
    3. Fill the container with clean water – we recommend distilled water for best results.
    4. Mix lightly with a stir stick.

    Specification and Ordering Options


    Substrate Uses and Anticipated Coverage Rates

    Coverage Rates (Theoretical)

    Substrate Sq Ft / Gallon* # Of Coats
    Porous and/or Rough Surfaces 100 2
    Non-Porous and/or Smooth Surfaces 150 2
    Painted Surfaces 150 2

    *Depending on surface porosity. A more porous surface may lower the coverage rate. See Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for details.

    Testing Data and Product Characteristics

    Testing Data

    Dynamic Elongation ASTM D-2370-82 500%
    Shore Hard A ASTM D-2240-86 89
    Low Temp Flex ASTM C-734-82 Passed – 180° bend @ 0° F
    Tensile Strength ASTM D-2370-82 260 PSI
    Water Vapor Trans ASTM-E-96 Breath @ 20 mils Dry
    Mold Resist Fed Test 141B, 6271 Passed—No Growth
    Mildew Resist ASTM D-3273/3274 Passed—No Growth
    Wind Driven Rain 98/mph Wind Driven
    Federal Specification TT-C-555b Passed—No Water Absorption 500 Hours -No Change
    Salt Spray ASTM B117-64 500 Hours -No Change
    Scaling Resist 25 Cycles ASTM C672 Visual Rating—0 Mass – 0
    Weatherability ASTM C28 4500 Hours – Passed
    Water Vapor Trans ASTM D-1653 100% Vapor Perm
    Water Repellency ASTM C67-80A 97% Effective

    Product Characteristics

    Material Modified Acrylic
    Weight Approximately 12.2 lbs./gal.
    Volume Solids 59%
    Color of Material White
    Odor Slight Latex Smell
    V.O.C. 2 g/L V.O.C. Compliant
    Flash Point Non-Flammable
    Surface Dry/Recoat 2-4 Hours @ 75ºF
    Application Temperature Range 50ºF to 90ºF
    Full Chemical Cure 3-4 Weeks
    Weight Approximately 8.7 lbs./Gal.
    ASTM D-3363 2B
    Impact Resistance More than 101 lbs.

    Approvals, Qualifications and Associations

    Call 1-888-765-7070 Option 2 for additional assistance.

    LAUSD – OESH Approved
    LEED Points Up to 3 Points
    LEED (New Construction) Available
    LEED (New Schools/CHPS) Available
    CARB Compliant
    SCAQMD Compliant
    All Other States and Canada Compliant
    FDA Meets Requirements
    USGBC Member
    APTA Member
    HPD Various Products Approved
    American Institute of Architecture Two Approved CE courses

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