EasyClean BioStripper

Brand: Restore and Protect


What It Is: A multi-layer paint and coating remover
Surface Types: Concrete, Brick, Tile, and Stone (see TDS for full list)
Use For: Removing old paint and coatings (See TDS for Details)
Formulation: A Non-Flammable Gel Detergent

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EasyClean Bio Stripper

is a water-based, eco-friendly, nonflammable cleaning and paint-stripping solution that dissolves and removes paints and coatings from a variety of substrates. EasyClean Bio Stripper can be applied to many substrates without damaging the surface and obtains amazing results in as little as 5 minutes. This innovative product is an easy-to-use gel solution and does not contain harsh chemicals such as methylene chloride or NMP, making it a safe alternative to conventional paint strippers for both interior and exterior applications.

Faster Removal Time

Remove old paint and coatings in as little as 5 minutes or up to 24 hours.

Environmentally Friendly

Non-flammable with a Low, Non-Offensive Odor.

Easy to Apply

Spray, Roll, Brush, or Use a Putty Knife to Apply. No Drip Formula = No Mess!

Use on a Variety of Surfaces

For Interior and Exterior, Horizontal and Vertical Surfaces.

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  • Easily stirred into water-based paints
  • Does not change paint finish or appearance
  • Want to protect an already painted surface? Use Plugger 25