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  • Micro-Seal® Densifier LS

    • One coat application with sprayer or microfiber pad
    • Converts calcium hydroxide to calcium hydrate
    • Creates a much harder surface and prevents chalking
    • Does not generate hazardous wastewater

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    Coverage Rates  |  Application Guidelines

    1 Gallon
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    1 Gallon

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    Ready to Use

    5 Gallon

    Micro-Seal® Lithium Silicate (Micro-Seal® LS) is much easier to use than sodium or potassium silicates and does not generate hazardous wastewater. It is a high-quality densifier, hardener, and sealer for concrete surfaces. The lithium silicate penetrates deeper than potassium and sodium silicates and is much less likely to blush. The harder surface makes cleaning easier and provides a dustproof finish for easier surface maintenance. Micro-Seal® LS will not contribute to surface Alkali Silicate Reaction (ASR).


    • Deep penetrating formula creates a harder surface and longer lasting performance

    • Better abrasion resistance than other types of sealers

    • Quick curing, can usually be walked on within one hour

    • Easy application – only requires one coat

    • Provides a durable glossy finish when polished

    • Use in conjunction with stains or dyes after grinding
    • Non-flammable and non-toxic formula with a low odor

    • Breathable and will never crack, peel, or turn yellow

    Coverage Rates (Theoretical)


    Substrate Sq Ft / Gallon # Of Coats*
    Uncured Concrete 700-900 1
    Polished Concrete 500-800 1

    *Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet below for full application guidelines. If you have further questions, please give us a call at (888) 765-7070 or email

    How to Use

    1) Prepare Surface

    Remove any existing coatings. Seal any existing cracks with a semi-rigid filler

    2) Grind Surface

    Using a 30 or 40 grit metal-bonded diamond, grind the surface. Repeat the process with an 80 grit metal-bonded diamond. Grind the surface again with a 150 grit metal-bonded diamond.

    3) Apply to Surface

    Apply Micro-Seal® Densifier LS with a micro-fiber pad or sprayer. If pooling occurs, spread the product evenly to disperse, do not let it dry.


    Concrete may be polished after application, which will result in a glossy finish, depending on the grit of the polish. Please refer to our Micro-Seal® Densifier LS Technical Data Sheet for polishing instruction.


    Technical Documents



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