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  • Micro-Seal® HD Silane / Siloxane Water Repellent

    Protect, restore and extend the life of your project with Micro-Seal® HD Clear Finish Silane / Siloxane Waterproof Coating. Made from the best water repellent chemicals in the construction market, Micro-Seal® HD is formulated by blending silanes and siloxanes that have long been trusted by architects, engineers and building owners around the globe. Micro-Seal® HD creates a hydrophobic barrier that is not affected by weathering, salt, dirt, freezing temperatures, UV light and wind-driven rain, among many other damaging elements.

    Item #: CR-0401
    1 Gallon
    Ready to Use


    Item #: CR-0405
    5 Gallons
    Ready to Use


    Item #: CR-2405
    32 Oz
    Super Concentrate
    Makes 5 Gallons


    Item #: CR-2401
    1 Gallon Concentrate
    Makes 10 Gallons


    Penetrating Silane/Siloxane Technology
    Ensures your project is protected from water intrusion, efflorescence, lime, spalling, freeze/thaw damage, stains, mold, mildew, and UV damage.

    Natural Finish
    Preserves the look of the building with a natural permeable finish and will not yellow.

    Safe to use
    Can be applied anywhere in North America because it contains Zero VOC, no carcinogens, no odor and can be applied on exterior surfaces and interior OEM environments.

    Easy to apply
    With a flood coat. Warranty up to 20 years.

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