Optimal Prime

Brand: Primers


What It Is: A primer designed to prepare and waterproof porous concrete, pavers, and other absorbent substrates
Surface Types: Concrete, Masonry, Pavers (see TDS for full list)
Formulation: A Water-Based Primer
Coverage Rate: Approx. 175-350 sq. ft. / gallon (See TDS for details)

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Optimal Prime

is a primer and vapor barrier that promotes adhesion to prevent delaminating, cracking, or peeling on porous concrete or masonry surfaces.

Enhances Surface Durability

Promotes long term system adhesion in high end applications.

Creates A Vapor Barrier

Helps with problems with existing moisture and vapor transmission.

Safe to Use

Contains <20 g/L V.O.C.’s with a total water-based formulation that can be applied on interior and exterior surfaces.

Easy to Apply

Spray on easily in a flood coat using an airless sprayer.

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