Brand: Epoxy


What It Is: A two-component penetrating epoxy amine primer
Surface Types: Steel, Ferrous Metal, Previously Paint Surfaces(see TDS for full list)
Formulation: Epoxy-based
Coverage Rate: Approx. 1,604 sqft per gallon applied at 1.0 mils, 802 sqsft per gallon applied at 2.0 mils (See TDS for details)

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Rust-Lok is a two-component high-solid epoxy amine primer. It is designed for use with a wide range of generic top coats and high-performance coating systems. Rust-Lok has excellent wetting properties to penetrate rusted and marginally prepared steel, non-ferrous metal, and previously painted surfaces. It helps avoid the need for costly stripping or blasting of steel and existing coatings to quickly recoat and protect the substrate.

Rust-Lok is a rust inhibitor and encapsulates rust while providing corrosion resistance. It works as a tie-coat to bridge existing coatings to primers that have already reached their maximum recoat window, which helps avoid the need for scarification of the surface. Rust-Lok is high-solids and formulated with zero VOC’s and provides excellent adhesion to SSPC-SP 2 or 3 prepared

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