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  • Satin-Lok™ High Gloss Silicone Acrylic

    • Tough Non-Yellowing Finish with Variable Gloss
    • Works on Horizontal & Vertical Surfaces
    • Resistant to Wear, Abrasion, & UV Damage
    • Eco-friendly, water-based, & made in USA
    SATIN-LOK™ 5 Yr Material Warranty

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    Item #: CR-1401
    1 Gallon
    Ready to Use

    1 Gal

    Item #: CR-1405
    5 Gallons
    Ready to Use

    5 Gal

    Satin-Lok ™ is a modified silicone acrylic sealer that enhances and rejuvenates the surface color and enhances with a high gloss “Wet look”. Satin-Lok ™ offers a tough, durable protection that is both water repellent and wear resistant. Satin-Lok™ performs in a wide range of residential and commercial markets, and can be applied to both unpainted and painted concrete, masonry, wood interior/exterior and horizontal/vertical surfaces. Examples include porches, patios, decks, walkways, stone pavers, fences, and retaining walls.

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    • Protects, seals and beautifies surfaces with High Gloss “Wet look” clear acrylic finish
    • For use on concrete, masonry and wood interior/exterior and horizontal/vertical surfaces
    • Tough, durable, water repellent sealer that resists flaking with excellent adhesion
    • Non-yellowing, resists damage from UV rays for superior outdoor performance
    • Breathable – does not trap interior building moisture
    • Alkali resistant, can be applied on new concrete as soon as forms are removed
    • Low Carbon Footprint – low VOC, low odor, water based, non-toxic, no cancer causing formula

    Coverage Rates (Theoretical)

    Substrate Sq Ft / Gallon # Of Coats
    Dense Masonry 100-150 1-2
    Porous Masonry 60-100 1-2
    Stucco/EFIS 150-200 1-2
    Wood 175-200 1-2
    Painted Surfaces 400 1-2

    How to Use

    1) Prepare Surface

    To apply, surface moisture content must be less than 25% as measured with an electronic moisture meter. Surfaces must be free of dirt, grime, efflorescence, lime run, construction debris, form oils and release agents, chalked materials, loose and peeling paint, mold, mildew, etc. All cracks should be pointed or caulked.
    Do not apply if rain, snow, or temperatures below 40°F are expected within 48 hours. Do not apply if relative humidity is greater than 80%.

    2) Apply Satin-Lok ™

    Horizontal Surfaces: Apply even coat w/ airless or pump sprayer. If pooling occurs, disperse for an even finish.
    Vertical Surfaces: Apply in a cross-hatch pattern using an airless or pump sprayer. Back-rolling may be required on very smooth surfaces to even any dripping.
    Multiple coats may be applied to increase the product’s gloss level. Ensure that the surface is dry to the touch before applying additional coats.

    3) Let Dry

    Let surface dry 60 minutes before opening to foot traffic. Full chemical cure takes 3-4 days.


    Technical Documents



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