Satin-Lok™ High Gloss Silicone Acrylic

Brand: RainguardPro


What It Is: A “wet look” sealer with a customizable gloss level depending on the number of coats applied
Surface Types: Concrete, Brick, Stone, Stucco (see TDS for full list)
Formulation: A Water-based Silicone Acrylic Blend
Coverage Rate: Approx. 60-400 sq. ft. / gallon (See TDS for details)

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is a modified silicone acrylic sealer that enhances and rejuvenates the surface color and enhances with a high gloss “Wet look”. Satin-Lok ™ offers a tough, durable protection that is both water repellent and wear resistant. Satin-Lok™ performs in a wide range of residential and commercial markets, and can be applied to both unpainted and painted concrete, masonry, wood interior/exterior and horizontal/vertical surfaces. Satin-Lok is eligible for a 5 year warranty.

Protects, Seals and Beautifies Surfaces

High Gloss “Wet look” clear acrylic finish. Non-yellowing. Resists flaking with excellent adhesion.

Tough, Durable, Water Repellent Sealer

For use on concrete, masonry and wood interior/exterior and horizontal/vertical surfaces.

Non-yellowing Gloss Finish

Breathable – does not trap interior building moisture.

Easy to Apply

Single coat application can be ground to a custom sheen (see TDS for details).

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  • Prep Surface Using Restore-N-Prep
  • Satin-Lok can be layered to achieve the desired look: 1 coat – semi-satin, 2 coats – satin, 3 coats – semi-gloss (See TDS for details)
  • Need something more durable? Try Clear-Seal Acrylic