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IsoFree™ Coatings

Polyurethane HD 2K with Isofree® Technology Heavy Duty Polyurethane Coating08.13.2020DOWNLOAD
VandlGuard IsoFree® Aliphatic Urethane 2K Non-Sacrificial Heavy Duty 10 Year Graffiti Coating08.13.2020DOWNLOAD
Whiteboard Paint 2K with IsoFree® Technology Aliphatic Urethane No Odor Dry Erase Paint03.03.2023DOWNLOAD

Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Blok-Lok with Graffiti Control Vertical Surface Penetrating Water Repellent & Non-Sacrificial Graffiti Coating08.24.2020DOWNLOAD
Micro-Seal with Graffiti Control Vertical & Horizontal Penetrating Water Repellent & Non-Sacrificial Graffiti Coating01.04.2020DOWNLOAD
MuralGuard Non-Sacrificial Graffiti Coating for Murals and Public Art01.04.2020DOWNLOAD
VandlGuard Original Non-Sacrificial 1, 5, 10 Year Graffiti Coating (HPD® Specified) 05.15.2022DOWNLOAD
VandlGuard Single-Part Urethane Non-Sacrificial Urethane 5 Year Graffiti Coating03.13.2019DOWNLOAD
VandlGuard Two-Part Urethane Non-Sacrificial Urethane 5 Year Graffiti Coating with Quick Cure Additive10.03.2018DOWNLOAD
VandlGuard One Non-Sacrificial 1 Year Graffiti Coating (HPD® Specified)08.04.2020DOWNLOAD
VandlGuard Five Non-Sacrificial 5 Year Graffiti Coating (HPD® Specified)08.04.2020DOWNLOAD
VandlGuard Ten Non-Sacrificial 10 Year Graffiti Coating (HPD® Specified)03.08.2023DOWNLOAD
VandlGuard Finish Coat Mandatory Top Coat for VandlGuard Five & VandlGuard Ten (HPD® Specified)03.08.2023DOWNLOAD
VandlTop Sacrificial Sacrificial Graffiti Coating 05.15.2022DOWNLOAD


EasyClean Bio Stripper Paint and Coating Remover09.01.2022DOWNLOAD
MDR HD 100 Mineral Deposit Remover02.01.2022DOWNLOAD
Restore-N-Prep Masonry Restoration Detergent10.28.2020DOWNLOAD
VandlClean Super Graffiti Cleaner Citrus Based Graffiti Remover and Cleaner06.19.2018DOWNLOAD

Water Repellents

Blok-Lok Vertical Surface Penetrating Water Repellent08.04.2020DOWNLOAD
Chalky Wall Sealer Acrylic Primer, Sealer, & Surface Binder03.03.2022DOWNLOAD
Clear-Seal Acrylic Acrylic Glossy Coating01.30.2020DOWNLOAD
Clear-Seal 100% Single-Part Glossy Urethane Coating02.01.2020DOWNLOAD
Clear-Seal 100% Two-Part Glossy Urethane Coating with Quick Cure Additive02.01.2020DOWNLOAD
Efflorescence Blocker Mineral & Alkali Sealer & Blocker10.07.2021DOWNLOAD
Floor-Lok Concrete Floor Curing Aid & Sealer07.15.2021DOWNLOAD
Micro-Seal Vertical & Horizontal Penetrating Water Repellent04.28.2022DOWNLOAD
Micro-Seal HD High Solids Vertical & Horizontal Penetrating Water Repellent04.28.2022DOWNLOAD
Micro-Seal SiH4 100% Silane Water Repellent11.01.2021DOWNLOAD
Plugger 10 Acrylic Sealer with 10% Solids05.04.2020DOWNLOAD
Plugger 25 Acrylic Sealer with 25% Solids05.04.2020DOWNLOAD
Satin-Lok Silicone Acrylic "Wet Look" Glossy Sealer03.19.2022DOWNLOAD
Super Stucco Sealer Primer & Sealer for Unpainted or Color-integrated Stucco03.03.2022DOWNLOAD


Clear-Seal Quick Cure Additive06.09.2022DOWNLOAD
Slip Resist Anti-Slip Grit Additive06.03.2022DOWNLOAD
VandlGuard Quick Cure Additive06.09.2022DOWNLOAD

Color Coatings

Color-Lok (All Finishes) Water Repellent Stain and Paint - Pre-made Colors & Tintable Bases03.06.2022DOWNLOAD

Specialty Coatings

AcrylicPoly DTM² Single-Part Modified Polyurethane03.20.2023DOWNLOAD
AcrylicPoly HD Acrylic Modified Polyurethane03.20.2023DOWNLOAD
Cool Coat Thermal Barrier Coating - Clear & Tintable Base 05.15.2022DOWNLOAD
Cool Coat Elastomeric11.12.2018DOWNLOAD
RainguardPro 100% Epoxy Epoxy Coating01.20.2023DOWNLOAD
FluoroPoly HD Acrylic Modified Polyurethane05.15.2022DOWNLOAD
Micro-Seal Densifier LS Concrete Densifier01.30.2020DOWNLOAD
Plugger Universal High Performance Primer01.30.2020DOWNLOAD
Plugger Universal pH High Performance Primer for High pH Surfaces01.30.2020DOWNLOAD


Prime-Lok Universal Epoxy Primer03.10.2023DOWNLOAD
Optimal Prime Primer and Vapor Barrier09.01.2022DOWNLOAD