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  • Plugger™ 25 Porous Surface Acrylic Sealer

    • 25% solids acrylic formula with clear finish
    • Can be used as a primer to bind chalky surfaces
    • Protects wood and masonry surfaces from moisture damage
    • Eco-friendly, low-VOCs, & made in USA
    PLUGGER™25 5 Yr Material Warranty

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    Item #: CR-1527
    32oz Concentrate
    Makes 5 Gallons

    32oz Concentrate - Makes 5 Gallons

    Item #: CR-1525
    1 Gallon
    Ready to Use

    1 Gal

    Item #: CR-1526
    5 Gallons
    Ready to Use

    5 Gal

    Item #: CR-1520DR
    55 Gallons
    Ready to Use

    55 Gal Drum

    32oz Value Pack
    $819.00 $546.00
    33% off regular price
    (Contains 6 units)

    32oz Concentrate - Value Pack

    Plugger 25 ™ is an acrylic sealer with a clear semi-satin finish. Plugger 25 ™ acrylic sealer protects porous and painted wood and masonry surfaces from moisture damage and can be used as a primer to bind chalky surfaces. Plugger™ acrylic sealer is also available in a 3 year formula (Plugger™10).

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    • High performance modified silicone acrylic water repellent and clear sealer
    • Hybrid formula penetrates deep to bind surface and provide moisture protection
    • Flat sheen offers minimal change in surface appearance for painted or unpainted surfaces
    • Stain resistant protection for residential and commercial applications
    • May be applied to newly poured concrete or stucco within 48 hours
    • Seals and protects wood from swelling, shrinking and grain raising
    • Low Carbon Footprint – low VOC, acrylic based, and non-toxic

    Coverage Rates (Theoretical)


    Substrate Sq Ft / Gallon # Of Coats
    Porous Masonry 60-100 1
    Dense Masonry 100-150 1
    Stucco/EFIS 150-200 1
    Wood 175-200 1
    Painted Surfaces 400 1
    Concrete Curing 300 1

    How to Use

    1) Prepare Surface

    Before product is applied, surface must be clean & dry.

    2) Apply Plugger 25 ™

    ApplyPlugger 25 ™ with low-pressure airless spray equipment. Horizontal Surfaces: Spray solution on to surface until product slightly pools. Vertical Surfaces: Spray solution beginning at top of surface working downward in vertical sections. Allow solution to drip heavily and maintain a 6-8 inch rundown from contact point. For areas that dry more rapidly than others, apply a second light coat.

    3) Clean Sprayer

    Rinse out sprayer lines for 1-2 minutes with soap and water to ensure lines are clean.

    4) Let Dry

    Let surface dry 60 minutes before foot or vehicle traffic. Full chemical cure takes 7 days.


    Technical Documents



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