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  • Restore-N-Prep

    • Removes Efflorescence and Staining
    • Beautifies Masonry to its Intended Design
    • Easy Spray on and Rinse Off Application 
    • Prepares Masonry for Sealers and Top-Coats

    Remember to seal your surface after removing efflorescence and staining! Try Micro-Seal or Efflorescence Blocker.

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    Restore-N-Prep is a cleaning solution designed to dissolve and completely remove minerals and stains to beautify and create a uniform substrate. It can be used on a wide variety of masonry substrates. This solution is an easy-to-use, spray on and rinse off detergent that will remove most stains. Once the surface is clean, you can apply a sealer to help prevent the development of efflorescence and other mineral stains.

    Have stains caused by minerals that are being drawn out of the surface itself? Have the ability to seal the entire front, back, and top of the surface? Clean existing stains with Restore-N-Prep and then seal using Micro-Seal Silane/Siloxane Water Repellent.

    Have stains caused by minerals being drawn through the surface because of a waterproofing membrane failure? Or have a surface with one side touching soil? Clean existing stains with Restore-N-Prep and then seal it using Efflorescence Blocker, especially if the side that moisture is getting into the surface can’t be sealed.


    • Simply spray on and rinse off, no scrubbing needed.
    • Does not require respirators.
    • Does not etch or damage glass and anodized window frames.
    • Reduces water introduction that prevents more efflorescence.

    Recommended Uses

    • Split Faced Block
    • Smooth Block
    • Burnished Block
    • Brick and Mortar
    • Tiles
    • Stones
    • Precast Concrete
    • Grout

    Coverage Rates (Theoretical)

    Coverage rates will vary depending on substrate porosity and texture.

    Expect about 175-225 sq. ft. per gallon depending on a variety of conditions.

    How To Use

    *Protect adjacent surfaces that are not scheduled to be cleaned from overspray and spillage. Please read the Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet BEFORE starting any application! 

    1. Mist-off the substrate to lightly wet before applying.
    2. Apply using a garden sprayer or airless sprayer without atomizing.
    3. Allow the product to dwell on the surface for 5-8 minutes.
    4. Rinse* starting from the top of the substrate working down. Use even, long strokes that overlap to thoroughly rinse.

    *Rinsing Tips: Use a 40-degree tip when using a pressure wash to reduce the potential to cause substrate damage. Always maintain at least 12” from the substrate. Overlap horizontal passes for a uniform finish. Follow the manufactures PSI recommendations based on the substrate that is being cleaned. Sensitive surfaces like sand faced brick should be cleaned with a garden hose with a nozzle.


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