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  • VandlClean Super Graffiti Cleaner

    Biodegradable graffiti remover
    Designed to dissolve spray paint, marker, pen or pencil ink

    Can be used to remove graffiti from brick, cement, wood and other porous surfaces
    Works in conjunction with VandlGuard™ anti-graffiti coatings

    Safe to use
    Citrus based cleaner works on a wide range of cleaning chores. Low Carbon Footprint – Low VOC, low odor, citrus based, and non-toxic.

    Long-lasting Moisture Protection
    Unaffected by weather and sunlight and is free of silicone oils, paraffin wax and urethanes.

    VandlClean Super Graffiti Cleaner

    VandlClean™ Super graffiti cleaner is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable graffiti remover designed to dissolve spray paint, marker, pen and pencil. VandlClean™ is a concentrated citrus based cleaner and degreaser designed for cleaning almost any surface with stains not affected by water alone.

    Note to Specifier – CSI Reference Codes
    04 2 00 Exterior Stone, Cladding, Stone Masonry
    07 19 00 Acrylic, Silane Siloxane, Penetrating Polyester, Hybrid Water Repellents
    09 24/25 Cement Plastering

    Specification and Ordering Options


    Substrate Uses and Anticipated Coverage Rates

    Coverage of the remover will vary depending on how heavily the graffiti is painted on the surface. Multiple applications may be required to completely remove graffiti. Allowing the product to remain in place long enough will maximize the coverage of the remover.

    Testing Data and Product Characteristics

    Product Characteristics

    Material Citrus Based Cleaner
    Active Content 25%
    Color of Material Clear
    Odor Slight Odor
    V.O.C. 25 g/L V.O.C. Compliant
    Flash Point Non-Flammable
    pH Value 6
    Viscosity 9.6 Seconds No. 4 Ford Cup
    Weight Approximately 8.7 lbs./Gal.

    Approvals, Qualifications and Associations

    Call 1-888-765-7070 Option 2 for additional assistance.

    LAUSD – OESH Approved
    LEED Points Up to 3 Points
    LEED (New Construction) Available
    LEED (New Schools/CHPS) Available
    CARB Compliant
    SCAQMD Compliant
    All Other States and Canada Compliant
    FDA Meets Requirements
    USGBC Member
    APTA Member
    HPD Various Products Approved
    American Institute of Architecture Two Approved CE courses

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