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Blok-Lok™ Siloxane Water Repellent

Blok-Lok™ Siloxane Water Repellent

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Blok-Lok Siloxane Water Repellent is a water-based, siloxane repellent composed of high-quality chemicals. The blend creates a clear, deep penetrating, non-film forming, and chemically reactive masonry water repellent that contains no silicone oils, paraffin wax, or urethanes. 


    What It Is: Invisible moisture protection for vertical surfaces
    Surface Types: Concrete, Wood, Masonry, EIFS (see TDS for full list)
    Formulation: A Water-based Siloxane
    Coverage Rate: Approx. 40-200 sq. ft. / gallon (See TDS for details)

    Why Choose A Concentrate?

    The Benefits of Using and Specifying Concentrates:

    • Reduces carbon footprint
    • Reduces job site and landfill waste
    • Reduces worker and supply chain fatigue
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    More Details

    How To Apply

    Spray on easily in a flood coat using an airless sprayer.

    What is Micro-Lok®?

    A proprietary ingredient that creates a micro-molecular chemical and mechanical bond between the water repellent chemicals and the substrate.

    Preserve The Natural Look of the Project

    Dries down with a natural finish that provides a non-yellowing, 100% breathable, and invisible water repellent protection that will not change surface look or texture.

    Protect Surfaces from Damage Caused by Moisture

    Protect your project from water intrusion, preventing efflorescence, lime, spalling, freeze/thaw damage, stains, mold, and mildew.

    Safe For The Applicator, End-User, and Environment

    Contains 0 g/L V.O.C.’s, no carcinogens, very low odor and can be applied on interior and exterior surfaces.