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Rubber-Lok is a water-based elastomeric coating that creates a flexible waterproof and weatherproof rubber-like seal on surfaces such as roofs, planter boxes, gutters, basements, and more. The lightweight formula seals cracks and holes creating a seamless, elastic, and durable membrane that prevents rust and corrosion. Rubber-Lok has exceptional adhesion to most surfaces and is low VOC, low odor, and UV resistant. It can be easily applied by rolling, brushing, dipping, pouring, or spraying.

WARNING: California Proposition 65 Notice.


What It Is: A Rubber-like Liquid Membrane Coating

Surface Types: Concrete, Wood, Metal, Brick, Stone, Stucco, and more (see TDS for full list)

Formulation: Water-based Copolymer Elastomeric

Coverage Rate: Approx. 10-20 sq. ft. / gallon (See TDS for details)

Spread Rates

Spread rates can vary depending on application needs.

Below-Grade applications would require 80-mils Dry-Film Thickness (DFT).

Above-Grade applications would only require 40-mil Dry-Film Thickness (DFT).

See TDS for more details.

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How To Apply

Brush, roll, dip, or spray on easily.

Superior Adhesion

Apply to a variety of surfaces such as metal, concrete, stucco, masonry, wood, brick, and more.

Restores and Repairs

Excellent for restoration to roofs, metal gutters, decks, basements, and more!

Versatile Multi-Purpose Formula

Creates a waterproof membrane that is UV resistant, stops leaks, and provides rust and corrosion control.

Safer For The Environment

Contains NO zinc additives and has a low erosion rate, which contributes to cleaner waste-water in our streams, rivers, lakes, and bays.