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Change the color of your asphalt shingles without the painted look! Shingle-Lok is a waterborne emulsion developed to prolong the life of asphalt shingles by absorbing into the substrate for a natural look. It provides lasting weather protection for both old and new roofs, inhibits algae growth, and reduces granule loss. The unique formulation resists peeling, cracking and chipping while colors remain vibrant and fade resistant.


What It Is: A Sealer With Or Without Color That Rejuvenates And Protects Aged Or New Asphalt Shingles

Surface Types: Asphalt Shingles (see TDS for full list)

Formulation: Waterborne Emulsion

Coverage Rate: Approx. 200 sq. ft. / gallon (See TDS for details)

Tinting Instructions

Customized tinting is done at our facility. Please chat with us by clicking on the chat bubble on the bottom right before placing your order if you need a custom color.

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How To Apply

Spray, brush, or roll.

Prolongs Life Of Shingles

Excellent adhesion quality minimizes granule loss.

Brings Old Shingles Back To Life

Rejuvenates the color of aged shingles with fade resistant color. Clear Shingle-Lok will deepen existing color.

Safe For The Applicator, End-User, and Environment

Contains <50 g/L V.O.C.’s, no carcinogens and very low odor.